Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mages Institute of Excellence

Diploma in Animation

 Animation Courses in Singapore

Animation industry is on heights these days. At present the youngsters are fond of animation and dream of becoming animator. Animation has come a long way seeking audiences’ attention in the marketing and advertising world. Animation is the field where you can represent your ideas and information and see them in the realistic form. The 2D animation course implants in you the story telling and character creation approach stimulating in you the innovative visuals. Animation has become a career oriented program as there is a high demand for animators in the market. The students who have interest in the animation field must be very well aware of 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation has given birth to 3D animation; the person who is well aware of the 2D concepts can easily learn 3D animation.

Mages one of the trailblazer in animation institute in Singapore trains its students in all the aspects of animation. The team of industry experienced professionals at Mages will prepare you for jobs in 2D animation. The students will work on the live projects that would develop confidence in them. Mages shows you the way how you turn unreal into real and living i.e. adding soul to the things you could ever think of would be taught here. The 2D animation course develops in you the creative, comprehensive and time management skills which help you reaching the epitome in the industry

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