Friday, 20 December 2013

Ever wondered what it takes to learn in the right mix of learning strategies??? ...

MAGES has the recipe!


MAGES Institute of Excellence utilizes a variety of Training and Learning
Strategies in our Course Delivery. Teaching, learning and assessment processes
have been developed to ensure that students experience a variety of methods of
learning and assessment. The majority of work within this advanced programme
includes lectures, seminars, demonstration workshops and assessments, with
applied learning through individual and group assignments, participation
presentations, and formal examination. Students are expected to display
experiential learning. Knowledge and skills are delivered through (but not limited
by) the following key strategies:

Individual Tutorials
Students normally have at least one individual tutorial each semester with the
appropriate module lecturers to discuss their work, progress and to give advice
on their programme of study in the particular area.

Group Tutorials
A programme of group tutorials may be arranged for each module either for the
whole student group or, for smaller groups of students. Group tutorials may be
lecturer or student-led and are intended to generate debate about the immediate
issues being addressed. This will inevitably include the wider implications of
those issues and assignments as a whole.

Lectures, Seminars and Practice
Lectures are delivered by module lecturers and occasionally by visiting lecturers.
The programme has links with a number of related businesses and organisations
to provide insights into emerging trends and lecturers are encouraged to
continue their own professional practice. Students are expected to attend all
Lectures and Seminars on time and fulfil the minimum attendance requirements.
Quizzes, Presentations, Tests and Assignments will be provided to track learning

MAGES Guided Project
Full time students are required to take up a Compulsory MAGES Guided project.
This project provides a systematic approach for project management and course
skills application. Where applicable, MAGES will arrange for industry advisors and
mentors to guide students on project development with reference to real life
case studies. Topic for this Guided project will be determined in advance by
MAGES and Academic Board. Project development will be scheduled throughout
the course duration. As an experience based project there will be no minimum
pass credit requirement.

Additional Strategies
MAGES provides additional learning strategies through Role-Plays; Problem-Based
Learning; Case-Studies; Extra-Curricular Activities etc. to extend knowledge and
stimulate learning. These will be accompanied by Holistic Learning Activities such
as Field Trips; Movie Events; Studio Visits; Game Launches; Local and
International Conferences; Trade Events; Exhibitions and Mentorship Sessions to
nurture students with Character, who are ready for Life Long Learning.

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