Thursday, 14 August 2014

Studying in Singapore- A look into Diploma Courses in Animation

Despite being a state of scholars, Singapore has in truth, long been a nation of skill-based individuals. Singapura as it was once known, had its roots as a bustling port for trade. This continued to be a trend up until the time of its colonialism by the British.

However, after the British left and Singapore became independent in 1965, the nation’s manufacturing industry blossomed under the guidance of its leaders. Since then, Singapore has always levied on its skilled manpower in order to make up for its lack of resources. The rapid development of media and technology has not escaped the country’s leaders, and the past two decades have seen the country develop its infrastructure accordingly.

In the past decade especially, the animation industry in Singapore has made extraordinary breakthroughs, in terms of influence, presence in the international industry, infrastructure and government support. Singapore is now the envy of its region having been involved in blockbuster hits such as Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Clone Wars: The Animated Series and more.

Education for Animation, has evolved accordingly with the industry, and several government and private institutions have shown their presence in recent years by producing alumni that have graced these very blockbuster productions that have put Singapore on the map in terms of Animation.

One such institution is MAGES Institute of Excellence. With a strong focus on game design, as well as animation courses, their modules range from the basics such as Character Game Design, to more complicated programming and art modules.Learn diploma courses in animation & give shape to your imagination.Create  your own animation video.Check this funny animation video......

Its Diploma courses in Animation even has a progression into an Advanced Diploma programme that allows you to choose one of three specialities involving, Visual Effects, 3D Character Modelling where you will upgrade your character design skills, as well as Character Animation.

Such specialized schools who are closely tied to the industry and its practitioners, place a high emphasis on ensuring that its students and its curriculum meet the dynamic needs of the industry. As a bonus, the school not only offers long courses, but professional short courses for practicing professionals to add-on or to refresh themselves in their respective field.

If you have ever considered picking up a tertiary course in animation, or wish to improve on existing skills such as character design for games and film, take a look-see at institutions and colleges in Singapore before you consider pricier options in traditional animation powerhouses such as in the United States.

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