Thursday, 4 September 2014

Why Unity 3D is Being implemented into Game Development Education

It is heartening to know that Game Development Education has evolved over the years in Southeast Asia. While traditional strongholds such as the United States and Japan have always pushed boundaries, the rest of the world had always been a little less progressive when it came to the subject matter.

Since the advent of mobile gaming however, Southeast Asia has become a hub for mobile game development, and as a result, game development and related studies have also grown in the region. Singapore especially, has taken advantage of the growth in the industry, bringing in respected countries to set-up shop on the island’s shores to further boost the industry’s growth. Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Konami, GungHo Studios, Gumi Asia—all huge industry players, have been hiring local and regional talents from their Singapore headquarters.

Local polytechnics and private institutions have also recognized the growth in the industry, having created and run game development specific courses to cater to the growing need for jobs in the games development market.

Unity 3D course modules in particular, have been very popular. Two years ago, most schools were still using obsolete development tools and engines such as Gamemaker, but the scene is very different today.

The reason for the sudden popularity of Unity 3D courses is not singular. Unity 3D holds a multitude of advantages—for one, its multi-platform capabilities means that it can be developed across multiple platforms. The second advantage is that it uses scripts, instead of actual programming language, and this allows designers and artists to assist the programmers with inputs into the game, shortening the production timeline.
Game Development Education

The increase in popularity for Unity 3D courses can be attributed to the fact that game development studios themselves are adopting Unity as a core development tool. Private institutions like MAGES Institute of Excellence, have even gone to the lengths of getting Unity certification to train its students specifically in the course.

Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourselves!

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