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How to Get into a Game Business Management School the Works for You

How to Get into a Game Business Management School the Works for You
Game Development

The world or art and design offer a variety of highly lucrative professional options in the form of graphic designing, game art and design, animation, film making and more. If you feel that you have the aptitude for this vocation and wish to nurture the right skills to make a living out of your passions, it is time to work towards getting into the best game business management course.

What kind of Education do you need?

Before you start applying to game management schools, assess whether you intend to pursue a full-time degree or take a few short courses that help you test your creativity and interest in this field. If you wish to make a living out of your gaming design skills, having a degree from a reputed school can take you places. There are a number of schools in Singapore that offer pathway degree programs where you get to spend your final year in another country. Choose a program that helps you develop the right business skills that complement your technical know-how while also opening doors to new professional connections in the field of your choice.

Which are the Right Schools to Apply to?

Spend time researching the different schools that you can apply to. Go through their websites to understand the different majors that they offer. You may also be able to attend college fairs and seminars specifically for aspiring or existing art school students to get a better idea on the academic options you have at hand.

Do you Need a Portfolio?

Many schools may expect their students to submit a basic portfolio for the admissions committee to assess. Committees understand not to evaluate your portfolio solely on the basis of demonstrated skills and by the potential you present as a gaming professional. For students who have had access to art instruction in the past, it is expected that they showcase better skills than applicants with a modest exposure to the field.

School Tours

Set up an appointment with the relevant people within the game business management school to tour the campus, assess their infrastructure, speak with the teaching and non-teaching staff, and also give an interview if required. Make sure that you arrive with a list of informed questions that you may have about the school, its offerings, and its teaching methods and the prospects its offers at the completion of your program. 

When applying to some of the leading schools sure that you are also prepared to receive some creative feedback about your work you present in your portfolio. This can help you enhance your chances of getting into other good schools that you may be applying to.

This piece takes you through the various steps to take when applying to a design school in Singapore.

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