Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Specialised Education in Creative Technology and Multimedia

The Creative Technology Industry has been turning heads recently—with an increasing number of companies turning to Animation, Motion Media and Visual Effects as an alternative media to support and propagate their products and services. Designers and artists are no longer limited to their traditional industries, and opportunity-seekers the world over are clamouring to have a piece of the pie. However, one must first learn to walk before attempting to run. A good education and proper guidance from industry professionals will ensure that aspiring creative have a solid foundation and understanding of the industry before embarking on their journey.

A good education not only entails skill training, but preparation for the working world. In the case of animators and designers who specialize in visual effects as well as motion media, it is not just as simple as looking for an institute with internship programmes. Any industry professional worth his salt will tell you that it is imperative that aspiring animators have a top-class demo reel, showcasing their strengths and works. The demo reel should tell YOUR story and your specialisation.

While some general education institutes do offer these courses, it is better to pursue your education at specialised schools, although you will be hard-pressed to find say, Motion Media Colleges that offer expertise only in that area. Institutions like MAGES Institute of Excellence however, come as close you could get to motion media colleges, offering specialised education in niche courses, but somehow managing to cover a variety of courses from related industries, offering students the exposure to different aspects and the opportunity to encounter and work with people of different skills that they may have to work with in their future career.

At MAGES, the focus is not simply on academics, but prime importance is also given to developing your portfolio. We nurture and arm our students with the knowledge needed to apply themselves in the working world. Students will find that besides shaping their portfolios, through industrial projects, our institution also offers assistance in job placement.

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