Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Studying Motion Design and other Creative Technology Disciplines in Singapore

Motion Design in Singapore has certainly gained traction over the years, with a number of industries looking at this particular design discipline as an effective and creative avenue to release its message to the masses across several interactive media vehicles. Whether it is for branding, marketing or advertisement (the savvy amongst you will know the difference), the versatility and simplicity of motion graphic design takes the principles of print media design to the next level.

Of course, Motion Design Degrees and Diplomas are not the most common of disciplines, and thus finding one in Singapore might be a little tough, but fret not! MAGES has come up with not one, but two motion design diplomas catered to an individual’s needs, and graduates would be fit to work in the industry or pursue a motion design degree.

The Unity 3D courses at MAGES have also been a big hit with MAGES having already run several batches. Professional game studios have also sent their staff to MAGES for Unity 3D courses in order to take their staff’s familiarity with the game engine to the next level.

The full-time game design students at MAGES of course, have profited from MAGES’ expertise with the game engine, and are ahead of the curve as per compared to their student peers due to the unity 3d courses and modules that they go through.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with Unity 3D, it is a game development engine/tool that has a low learning curve (only scripting, no programming knowledge required!) and a low entry barrier (you only pay if you’re making money off of it!). Certainly its accessibility and ease has sped up many a production timelines.
MAGES’ commitment to the development of the Creative Technologies sector means that their core strength is staying relevant to industry practices. This is apparent in the closeness with which they work with their industry partners. Many of MAGES mentors are practising professionals, and for them it is a way to help their students rack up industry experience.

Are you interested in picking up a discipline from a Creative Technology? Check out the many courses on offer in our website. In the meantime, that’s all the time we have for now. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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