Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Areas where you Should Consider Using Motion Graphics in your Visual Content

Motion graphics is increasingly becoming a common feature in the world of visual designing. Opting to include such graphics into any video allows designers to create similar experiences that viewers would get if they were watching similar videos shot using real cameras in real settings. Commonly used in animation movies and videos, this approach is most popular when trying to communicate with the younger audience.
If you are still not convinced about how your motion graphics design course can come handy to you in your profession, here are a few areas that you must consider–
·         While motion graphics is most often used in children’s feature films, it also finds its use in other sectors. Even if you wish to communicate something serious in a lighter format, the right graphics can be easily employed in social awareness programs, educational material, training, etc.

·         The advertising industry is also leveraging animation and motion graphics in branding products. It is also an effective tool while re branding a product or service that needs to reinvent itself a midst stiff competition. Using your learning’s from your motion graphics design course in the right way can help you effectively demonstrate a new offering or brand to its prospective audience.

·         It has been found that motion graphics is often a lot more effective in attracting attention of an audience than simply still images. A classic example is the fact that children tend to be more appealed by cartoon channels than graphic novels or comic books. Motion graphics is an effective tool to consider when dealing with a group that is known to have a short attention span.

Why Motion Graphics Stumps other Video Creation Options

The cost of production of animation videos when compared to the expense of shooting real videos is rather low. In motion graphic videos, one can make use of animated characters and re purpose backgrounds and other elements with the help of the right software. Shooting real videos include significant overheads in the form of actors, support cast and crew, investment in hiring equipment as well as technicians to manage them.
Furthermore, using motion graphics in animation helps simplify the content, breaking the data up into multiple parts; allowing one to present the information in easily digestible segments. By leveraging the latest technology, businesses, game developers, movie production houses and other organizations and showcase their offering in a much more appealing manner.


This article discusses the various applications of motion graphics across industries and their prevailing benefits.

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