Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Great Graphic Design Tips with Pro Outcomes!

As a graphic designer, you want to make sure that your visual communications are to the tee. Whether you are a freelancer, working for a design company or still on your way to complete your courses for Graphic design in Singapore the following tips will help you hone your skills and bring out some highly professional looking outcomes –

·         Pair the Contrasting Fonts

Pairing the right fonts together is one of the most common challenges that graphic designers tend to face. The ideal approach is to simply choose fonts that have high contrast. This helps you in balancing each one of the fonts with the others while also creating an appealing feature in your overall design. You can increase the contrast between two fonts by working in size and color.

·         Matching Colors within the Designs you Create

If you want to make your design stand out, the easiest way to do so is by creating harmony between the colors you use. Match the colors you use for the graphic elements such as your text holders and fonts with the image that you are using in your background. The color picker tool is an excellent function to rely on when finding the right color. This tool will give you a hex code through which you can easily identify the right hues on the color wheel.
·        Using Grids

Unique tools allow designers to easily layout and edit the images for professional outcomes. You can place multiple images of similar themes within a grid to create an appealing look. The right placement of images topped with unique filters across all images can help you acquire great consistency.

·         Adding Transparent Icons

Creating appealing backgrounds for any graphic design project demands significant creativity. Whether you intend to use an image as a background or a range of colored shapes – the options are endless. You can also apply slight transparency on your icons and darken your background to make the text easy to read.
Finally, another great way to give your project a professional look is by using shapes and icons to illustrate your information. This is an effective tool when creating info-graphics, where you are expected to think outside the box and create designs that are original looking. For instance, you can use three square or circle icons to identify different percentages when illustrating survey results. Shapes can prove to be an extremely critical tool when creating social media posts that are intended to be informative.


This article discusses that various design approaches to consider creating professional looking outcomes.

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