Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Finding a Killer Job you Love in the Field of Graphic Arts

It is not uncommon for students to land their first job right out of a graphic design degree in Singapore through a lucky break only to realize a few months or years later that you are ready to move on. Chances are that the second time around, you may not get that lucky and may have to work harder to find yourself a job that you love and enjoy. 

Now that you have some experience up your sleeve alongside a reputed graphic design degree from Singapore you must know how to leverage this to your benefit and land a killer job. Here are some approaches that you need to consider to find professional success.

·         Highlighting your Accomplishments over your Capabilities
While knowing how to use Photoshop or Illustrator is a skill set, using your experience with these programs to land an expensive contract is what is considered to be an accomplishment. Highlighting everything that you have achieved is a great way to set yourself apart from the myriad of other designers who come with similar training and technological know-how. Especially in an era when these skills are a given in the field of graphic arts and design.

·         Elaborate on your Role and not your Title
While you may have held a rather ordinary title in your previous job, you can creatively categorize yourself by highlighting specific skills. While doing so, make it a point to be truthful about your capabilities. For instance, you may be considered to be a Multimedia Graphic Designer in your previous job, but if your core focus was on UX designing, highlighting this can help you set yourself apart for software companies that are looking for more niche experience.

·         Create More than One Resume
Instead of writing a new resume for every job opening that comes your way, consider creating up to 5 different drafts that highlight different sides of your current job profile and experience. Just as mentioned above, you could use one resume to highlight your experience in software and another to focus on your experience as a designer. While the jobs that you are talking about can be the same, but the descriptions can focus on varied experiences and projects that are relevance to the company you are applying to.

·         Stick to the Basics
Many graphic designers make the mistake of going all out in trying to create a visually appealing resume that they believe will further highlight their aesthetic sense. However, what works the best is to stick to your basics. Especially if you are applying for corporate jobs you want to pass on a resume that is clean and yet not dull.
Finally, make it a point to work on an online portfolio right from the start. Your website or portfolio should be able to highlight some of your best work in a way that your skills are well represented. There are a number of online platforms that help you host portfolios at no cost to the designer.


This article discusses the various things to consider when trying landing a job in graphic arts. 

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