Monday, 28 September 2015

How to Create the Perfect Logo for a Tech Company?

A logo is an epic symbol of your company; it represents the face and soul of any brand. Think of Apple’s logo for instance. What do you see when you close your eyes and imagine about this company? We bet that your mind conjured up the image of its logo and that too in less than a second.  A logo is that important. When it comes to designing a logo for a tech company, you have to make sure your purpose is clearly conveyed through it. For this, you have to observe every minute detail while designing, right from color, font, aesthetics, use of negative space and much more. A reputed graphic design institute Singapore can give you the right expertise to achieve this. 

Nevertheless, here are a few pointers that you can follow as a logo designer.

Be Simple and Clear
Your logo has to be bang on the message your brand wants to convey. You have to ensure its design is such that people see your company as a high tech one and that it is a trendsetter. To communicate this through your logo, you first have to understand the nature of your brand. What impression do your brand needs to create on its target audience? Start with a list of keywords, like – strong, sporty, elegant, feminine, fun, etc. The moment you identify a few critical keywords from the list you can begin your designing work with an amount of clarity.

Be Eternal
Your logo needs to have a timeless property to it. For this, you have to think beyond current trends and focus on elements that will reflect your brand identity many years down the line. It will save you the cost that goes into bringing in a replacement design. A wise approach in this direction is keeping the foundation elements of your logo intact so that when your startup undergoes any major shift you just have to do minor tweaks in the design.

Fonts and Colors
Fonts and colors are the two critical elements of logo design. Let’s first look at fonts. A font can easily communicate the idea your brand stands for. It can impart elegance, strength and everything. So make sure the font you select for your company is descriptive of its image. Don’t ignore its contribution to the overall design.

As far as color is concerned, we all know every color has its own personality and thus, can create a deep impression on the mind of the person seeing it. Try to use this attribute of the colors to your advantage while designing a logo. However, for this, you have to understand the impact that a particular color is potential of creating. If you study colors and their impact, you will realize that color blue generates a soothing and healing feeling, orange conveys energy, etc.

You can achieve success in making a perfect logo for a tech startup by paying attention to these details. To get more insights and knowledge on logo designing, you can even do a course in a renowned graphic design institute in Singapore.

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