Monday, 12 October 2015

Avoiding Common Graphic Design Mistakes

No one likes to make mistakes. It is completely unprofessional, especially silly little ones. Sure when you just get out of graphic design school you are bound to make mistakes because you are eager to get to work and express your creativity. But did you know that those mistakes can cost you? You may have gone to graphic design colleges in Singapore, but the sooner you learn what to avoid these mistakes the better it will be.

1. More isn’t always a good thing!
This is one of those less is more situations. When it comes to the design format, do your best to keep it clear and easy to understand. Overloading it with too many fonts can be very distracting for the end reader/ viewer. Avoid using lots of typefaces on one page. Stick to the rule of using just two different fonts. Keep one as four main font and the other to add emphasis and highlight the main message you want to get across.

2. Not really understanding the brief
Make it a point to thoroughly understand what the client wants. If you haven’t grasped the basic concept that the client is looking for then it will affect the final outcome. You will be working towards something that is entirely different from what is expected. As a result you have wasted your resources and your client’s time. To prevent this from happening, make sure you ask questions to clear your doubts, take down notes and inform the client about the progress you’ve made so far.

3. Not proof reading
Most people are racing against the clock in an attempt to meet client deadlines, because of this they end up forgetting to do one very important thing. Proof reading! Once you’ve completed your work you reed to check it. Not once but twice. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it too. Other people can often spot or mistakes better than us. Doing a thorough check will help you catch any mistake or imperfection before sending your work. Remember it’s the simplest things that can lead to your demise.

4. Not taking shortcuts
Yes you need to use shortcuts! You can save time and energy by learning keyboard shortcuts, when using different software. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to work quicker and finish way before the actual deadline, leaving you enough time to review and check for errors and mistakes.

5. Failing to consider the context
Irrespective of the logo, icon or text you are designing, you need to think is the final product capable of being onto other different mediums – digital and analogue. The factors that go into making the overall design like color, size and intricate patterns should allow you to print the design onto various materials like – T-shirts and signs. It should also allow the client to display it across various technological fronts like computers, mobile phones and other devices.

By simply making a checklist of all the areas that need double checking can help you save time and resources and come across as a professional. It will help you stay out of trouble and keep your work on track.

Going to graphic design colleges in Singapore can help you learn everything there is to know about graphic designing, even the tiny little details that most people would hardly stress on.

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