Monday, 19 October 2015

Motion Graphics Designer’s Important Skills for Success

Motion graphics has turned out to be an indispensable part of the digital world. From television commercials to stupefying game graphics, online videos to complicated CGI in Hollywood films, the increasing popularity of motion graphics is noticed everywhere. It is the advancement of computer technology and the reduced cost of developing such graphics that act as contributory factors of their high popularity. Owing to the rising popularity of motion graphics in Singapore, many students in this country are choosing motion graphic designing as a career option. Now, the question is: what skills you should develop to succeed as a motion graphics designer?

 Graphic Design Skills:
The job of a motion graphic designer is to bring graphic characters to life using animation. In this instance, the professional can use his knowledge and skill of animation to make the graphic images created by a graphic designer move. However, it would be an added advantage for the motion graphic designer if he himself develops graphic design skills.
 A Good Understanding of Fundamentals in Animation:
As a motion graphic designer, you need to have an in-depth understanding of  animation to make the two-dimensional elements move with ease. If you do not have the required knowledge and skill, the animated characters would fail to appeal the audience. You should understand as to where to exaggerate and where you shouldn’t. A stunning design may fall flat if it is not animated proficiently.
 3D Design Skills:
3D elements have successfully made their place into motion designing. You will often trace it in commercial advertisements and in 3D logos. Thus, to keep abreast with the new trends, you need to develop 3D design skills.
 Knowledge of Typography and Color Theory:
Apart from being used extensively in motion design, typography oft serves as the driving force behind the moving graphics. Looking from this perspective, you should acquire knowledge of typography and know about what it consists of, what compliments a design and what appeals the audience.
Again, as a motion graphic designer, you should have a clear understanding of how to utilize colors in the motion graphics. You should know about what color conveys what mood and expression aptly. To cite an example, if you are trying to develop motion graphics on spring, you should make most use of green, red and yellow colors. Here, the use of white, gray and blue would be wrong as they are used to portray winter.
Apart from developing the aforementioned skills, you need to acquire technical skills. Now, the motion graphics are developed using computer systems, and computer knowledge and technical mastery will be able to help you use the new and upcoming systems and excel in the industry. When it comes to motion graphics in Singapore, the institutions offering training to the future professionals focuses on enhancing the technical skills of their students.

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