Thursday, 28 January 2016

Your Guide to Breaking into the Graphic Design Industry

Planning to start a career in graphic designing? Though a wonderful thought, know that it is not easy to get into the industry, survive and succeed. The world of graphic designing is highly competitive with all the professionals putting their creative endeavor to come up with something unique and highly marketable, apt for their clients’ needs.

Simply being creative would not make you a great designer, you should also have the required training and certification in the subject and know how to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through training in real workplace. Apart from getting a degree from one of the premier graphic design colleges in Singapore, you need to know how to present yourself before the employers and impress them to hire you in their firm.

How to Win the Recruiters?

Do you know what the companies looking for graphic designers wish to see in a candidate? Do have any idea about how to turn your portfolio stand out from the rest? Do you know how to act during an interview? Read on to get the answers.

Get Acquainted with the Basic Portfolio Rules:

The more interesting your portfolio, the higher is your chances to get a job. In order to make your portfolio interesting, you should have a clear knowledge about how your portfolio should be. Do not overload your portfolio with unnecessary details. Just highlight the brightest and important details and keep the portfolio short. Narration of the story behind each achievement would be appreciated if presented in a unique and interesting style.

Showcase Multi-Medium Work:

If you have the knowledge of working across varied mediums, do not hesitate to show it. If you only include in print work, those who are examining your portfolio will assume that it is the single thing you are capable of. Your need to show that you have the ability to work in various mediums, print, digital and many more. If the employers are convinced about your ability to work on multiple medium, you will stand higher chances of grabbing your dream job.

Keep Work Detailed and Appropriate:

While you touch upon all the amazing skills you possess in your portfolio, do not forget to highlight upon your area of expertise in graphic design. A descriptive account of the specialized skill would enable your employer to get an idea of the direction you would want your career to go in.

A Research Would Be Great Before an Interview:

An in-depth research on the company that has called for an interview would be wise. Before going for the interview, you should make sure that whoever would interview has a glimpse of your work and ability through your portfolio. Be confident during the interview and express yourself in the best possible way to show the employer that you are the right person to work with and you are passionate about the work.

A certification from one of the celebrated graphic design colleges in Singapore would enhance your chance of getting selected as a graphic designer in a good company

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