Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Specialized Graphic Design Jobs You Should Consider

Technological advancements, the growth of digital media and how audiences consume information has significantly transformed the graphic design industry. With a number of specialized job opportunities emerging, there is a lot you can do once you have graduated from your graphic design institute in Singapore.
While choosing to be a jack of all trades continues to be a viable career option, some additional study can make you a specialized designer that tends to earn more money and experience more professional growth. Here are some of the specialized design jobs you may want to consider –
·         Creative Services Manager
With about 3 years of experience under your belt, you will be able to get to this position. Here, you are primarily in-charge of being the middle person between the senior management and the creative department for the brand or company you work with. You will essentially be in charge of overseeing the entire project, making sure deadlines are met and budgets are not overshot. You are the one responsible in making sure the senior management team get quality results from an efficient creative team.
·         Email Marketing Designer
In this position, you will be responsible to design and execute highly engaging email communications for the promotion of the brands you work with and their offerings. You will be working closely with other designers, writers, marketing managers and user interface experts to make sure that the brands marketing communication objectives are met with. In addition to understanding the principles of design, you will also need to have sufficient knowledge in UX/UI, HTML and CSS.
·         Flash Developer/Designer
As a Flash Developer, you will be creative interactive online content including games, advertisements, websites and other web based applications. You will also be in-charge of testing, implementing and maintaining dynamic website elements using tools such as Action script and Flash. As a Flash Developer you will need proficiency with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and other web languages and software.
·         Information Architect
As an information architect, you will help clients define their website content and design strategy. You will need to analyse your target audience and assess their needs to improve the overall user experience on any website. You will be expected to make use of process maps, wire frames and mock-ups to define the intended user experience to the decision makers who could be your employers or clients.
·         Mobile Designers
As a mobile designer, you will be designing content and functionality for smartphones and tablets. By working closely with cross functional teams, you should be able to create effective, compelling and interactive experiences for mobile users. In addition to aesthetics, you will also have to account for the functional aspects of design. You will need to develop proficiency for various programming languages used across various mobile OS.
In addition to this, you can also consider developing the skill-sets required to being a presentation specialist. Designers with an interest in marketing strategy find this career option to be rather promising. Other great design jobs include UX and UI designers, who are responsible to create easy to use, captivating experiences for audiences. These jobs require in-depth understanding of graphic design among other things.

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