Monday, 18 July 2016

5 Short Portfolio Building Programs for Gamers and Digital Artists

Whether you are pursuing gaming as a hobby or looking to build your resume as a digital artist, School Holiday Programmes can be amazing way to put your free time to good use while picking up some essential skills needed to succeed. Here are some interesting and unique courses that can add great value to your portfolio of skills-

Digital Sculpting for Artists

The main focus of this program is on creating various complex organic models and textures that are utilized in video and gaming industry. This course will allow you to learn skills such as surface texturing to help you give your object a more realistic appeal. During the process of this course you can also learn various techniques such as cutting or building soft and rigid surfaces. With an aim to have a sculpted 3D organic character complete with colors, accessories and textured elements, this course covers all the essentials of the topic.

Digital Comic Design

The thrilling picture version of depicting a story, comics, is an industry that is making a comeback. With modern applications such as online comics, they are only growing in demand. This course is perfect to delve into the world of graphical story telling that makes use of both images as well as words. This course will allow you to discover the importance of using art to set the right tone while giving it a complete look in order to be reviewed by publishers. Learn all the essentials of creating a good comic with this short course.
Digital Painting and Concept Art

For those with a streak of creativity embedded in them, this is the perfect short summer course to take. This program has been specifically designed to teach students the essentials of designing digital characters and environments. From being able to get the right proportion to understanding elements such as tone, light and placement, this course is the best way to cover it all.

Level Design for Games

The rapidly expanding field of gaming makes this a well timed course to take. It is important for prospective game developers to have a basic understanding of developing levels. This course focuses on factors that make level games interesting, Architecture Theory, and incorporating storytelling into the model. At the end of this program you will not only be planning and drawing basic gaming levels but also be a master of concepts such as balance, flow and interactivity that makes you a professional.

Games Programming for Windows, Android & iPhone

If you have been dreaming of a game that hasn’t been created yet, why don’t you just do it yourself? This workshop will enable you to create games for both mobile phones and PCs with ease. The comprehensive workshop covers everything from using 2D & 3D game engines to learning the game mechanics and how to test your final game.  

These short courses are not only perfect for summer but also for working professionals who wish to upgrade their skill set and retain their competitive edge in order to succeed. 

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