Sunday, 25 September 2016

Know what’s Trending in the World of Game Designing

Hello, game lovers! More than two hundred days of the much awaited 2016 (in regard to the hardcore gamers) have passed. By the time, you might have been able to understand that with the inception of VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, the gaming industry has matured. Also, it has made room for game designing enthusiasts to enter the exciting world of game development. However, just your fascination towards Virtual Reality is not enough to hit the floor; you need to be professionally qualified from an esteemed university. You can consider a reputable game design institute in Singapore.

So, what’s trending?
However, before you start your journey as a game designing student, let’s have a look at what’s trending in the world of game designing!
  • Diversification, a challenging aspect

According to experts, diversity is among the most trending topics related to game development and it needs to be addressed very tactfully. Racism, gender-bias and other appalling representation of minorities have resulted in much vilification of games if you see the statistics of the last couple of years. Therefore, things have become more challenging for the game developers and, they need to tackle diversification quite carefully and live up to all the ethical as well as economical aspects of the same.
  • Virtual reality, the next big thing 
Yes, industry experts feel that Virtual Reality is going to not only rule the game development world but way beyond that. And quite obviously, it will open up the aspiring candidates to a world of job opportunities in various domains and not only game designing. A positive sign indeed! Experts also feel that Virtual Reality will emerge as the next huge platform and will mature with the advancement of technology.
  • Televisions will go ‘Game Ready’

Soon, televisions will get their new avatar; they will become Game Ready (GR TV) and will replace gaming consoles in no time. These sets will come equipped with all the features needed to play games, even CPU, and graphics card. Moreover, renowned game publishers will create game channels and ask the gamers to subscribe and play their favorite games.
  • Better collaboration, better products
Needless to mention, but with the success of indie (Independent) games, owing to the easily accessible game development tools, the market has witnessed a sudden rise in the number of games. Although it’s good, it results in lonely game development. Undoubtedly, sometimes the market gets to see some real good stuff this way, but in order to ensure overall growth of the industry, people need to collaborate. To keep it simple – the gaming industry needs more collaboration from different strata of game developers to create better products.
  • Products for younger audiences

‘Focusing on younger audience’ does it mean like something edutainment gobbledygook kind of? Well, not exactly, but something for promoting tech literacy in the children at an early age. Recently, the market has seen certain products; rather you can say concepts that help to establish the ideas of procedural logic in kids. The best part – at the same age in which they learn to read and write.
  • A new dimension for the writers

The new technological dawn in the gaming industry will surely improve the job profile of writers, one of the most underrepresented aspects of this profession. In terms of diversity, better writing is one of the age-old ways to develop better games.

So, now that you know what’s trending in the game development industry, considering a game design institute in Singapore will definitely help you pursue your dreams.

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