Wednesday, 31 August 2016

3D Animation- A groundbreaking and game changing innovation

Talk about 3D Animation and it raises visions of a make-believe world and creativity. While the term animation has been around for decades, the 3D concept is quite recent and holds a mystical appeal for all those who explore it. Media Commercials, cartoons, and internet animation has taken over the world of entertainment and 3D animation has created a wonderful impact in every area it has been applied. The industry demands qualified individuals to give it a new dimension and this demand is being provided by institutes offering full-fledged 3D animation courses.

3D animation-An Introduction

The 3D animation consists of creating moving images and pictures in a three-dimensional digital environment and is a complex and challenging process. The steps involved are:
  • Creation of a 3D model using 3D software
  • Exporting image sequences to create an animation illusion
  • Process this sequence of images as one moving image

3D animation found its first practical application in the movies business and was long thought to be limited to it. However, with time, it has found innovative and useful applications in various industries like Medicine, Architecture & Designing, Manufacturing, and Forensic Sciences amongst others. 

The application of 3D animation in various industries

Mining Industry: By using advanced 3D software, it is now possible to create a complete layout of an underground mine showing positions of tunnels, vents, ramps and access shafts. It is also possible to point out various mineral location quite easily. This is useful for geologists to visualize and interpret mining and geological data in quick time and improves mining operations to a great extent.

Gaming Industry: The introduction of 3D animation in the gaming industry gave it a tremendous boost that it desperately needed to shake off the lethargy of 2D animation. 3D animation made the games extremely entertaining and interactive by making it lifelike and taking engagement to a new level. 

Construction and Architecture: The dynamic demands of the construction industry are being increasingly met by the introduction of 3D animation and architectural planning and designing has undergone a major metamorphoses due to its use. Traditional methods of drawing and designing had its own limitations but with 3D animation, models are being created to interact with the user and saves a lot of time while preparing documents and visual aids. 3D animation allows a structure to become tangible as the length, breadth and width can be visualized more effectively. It also allows changes and modifications to be done quickly and easily.

Advertising Industry: The purpose of advertising a particular product is to influence people to buy it and 3D animation brings the product alive and captivates the consumer to a great extent. It provides a sense of visual excitement to the viewer and brings products to life, thus creating a huge impression and pushing them towards buying the product. Many 3D animation courses focus on these applications and give students a huge edge over the large competition in this field.

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