Thursday, 13 October 2016

Things That can Be Done with Zbrush

ZBrush is a popular sculpting program that helps in developing characters in 3D.It is a great tool for the developers because it gives them the freedom to explore their creativity. It has a plethora of options for a designer to choose from. One can take up ZBrush Course to understand the tool properly and start designing in it. Following are certain things that cab done in ZBrush.

Developing sketches

Z Brush has the PaintStop option in it. You can draw the mages that you want to bring to life with 3D modelling. The sketches can then be added with colors. Already developedsketches can also be loaded in Z Brush for further enhancements.

Adding extrusions 

Z Brush has the transpose Move Tool for adding extrusions and extensions to an image. This helps in developing limbs of a character. Apart from straight extrusion, non-uniform scaling and extrusions can also be made in the tool.

Customized UI

ZBrush is very flexible for the working of artists. One can choose the type of environment or UI one likes. It is easy to choose the most appealing workflow and style. The colors of the UI can be changed that makes it easier for the developer to see the details of the creation. Pop Ups and menu can be customized too.

Loading multiple objects 
This feature helps in working on a mesh that have various parts. The plug-ins in ZBrush help in increasing the productivity as they allow the user to work on various objects of the image simultaneously.

Masking the Backface

It becomes difficult to sculpture the thinner parts of the image that are away from the camera. ZBrush helps in tackling the deformities in the images by catering to the backface areas where the geometry collapses onto itself. The tool masks such areas and gives more detail and clarity to the images.

Setting Reference Points

ZBrush have single camera. However, it allows the users to take images and use any of them as the reference image. Thus, one can work on the images just like any other software. Images can be imported and mapped to desired axis. Flipping is also possible.

The above mentioned points help in using ZBrush better. There are various other features in the tool that can help in doing much more. One can learn most of them through a Z Brush Course. 

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