Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Application of Virtual Reality Beyond Games

Virtual reality is a field that has been growing quite fast. Through gadgets like Oculus, one can know that the world of virtual reality is going to be quite exciting. However, for some, virtual reality is only applicable in games. That is not true. Those who Learn Virtual Reality Programing can tell you that it is a technology that has applications in various fields beyond games. Some of those field are: 


Entertainment industry has come a long way from the theatre plays to movie screens. 3D movies are quite popular. With the advent of apps like Oculus Cinema, audience can have a much better experience. Through virtual reality, people can see the movie as on a virtual careen or can experience it as if they are inside the movie and feel everything. Live Like VR, a virtual reality company has built up virtual stadium for the sports enthusiasts. 

Health Care 

In Healthcare Virtual reality is used for diagnosis and treatment. Doctors can have a better view of the anatomy of the patient through virtual reality and scans like CT scan, ultrasounds, etc. Having a better view of the human body, doctors can easily plan their surgery, incisions and other difficult procedures. Most of the complications can be figured out well in time and rectified, thereby saving the lives of patients.  


This space has not adopted virtual reality in full swing, but with the development of the field, slowly, space will also use it. Few examples get quoted about the probable usage of virtual reality in the space. One suchusage is of device similar to Oculus that can be used to control the robots on other planets. Through the cameras mounted on these robots, scientists will be able to see the other planets in virtual reality. 


These are the best places to take the technology to the mases in a very effective manner. Virtual reality in museums can transport the people into different regions and time zones. They can experience an era when the whole human race did not exist. British Museum in London opened up its gates while conducting a firstvirtual-reality weekend. American Museum of Natural History in New York City also progressed in this domain. 

Thus, virtual reality has a great number of applications in a plethora of fields. Those students who Learn Virtual Reality Programing have great opportunities waiting for them in the future. 

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