Thursday, 18 May 2017

Common Mistakes in Game Building to Avoid

The gaming industry has become more popular than ever and will continue to attract countless gaming enthusiast in years to come. Innovation and bug-free seamless experience in gaming holds the key to success in this industry. The early the developers understand and realize these facts, the better the experience they can impart to the gamers and much higher the success rate will be. A few common mistakes mentioned below need to be avoided to build playable games Singapore:

Not selecting the right platform

It should be kept in mind that some games are best experienced only when they are played on the right platform. Despite this, many developers still select iOS or Android instead of the more compatible platform for certain games with a view to monetize it. It should be remembered that gaming platform plays a crucial role in the way how a typical game is perceived in the minds of the customers. Hence utmost care should be taken in selecting the right platform for games.

Design Failure

Remember a game will never reach a target group or audience in case it has any inherent design failure. Faulty mechanics, bad graphics, and unfriendly designs are never appreciated by any gamer, nor is supported nicely on a platform. It will ultimately result in a bad progression thereby forcing the audience to exit the game unhappily. Please note that this is different from any bug in your game. Even though your game does not have any fault, it may still not be able to meet the desired response if it is not meeting the aesthetics expectations. Thus, proper testing and evaluation of game mechanics is quite essential to build playable games Singapore.

Not releasing updates

The job of the developer doesn’t end after releasing the game, doing the marketing, earning the revenue and monitoring the performance. An important step in the cycle is to release proper and timely updates to enhance the overall performance of the user at every point. It is important that you take into considerations what customers are saying about your game and what they are expecting. Any update released should not only be free of bugs but also offer enhanced performance at every level.

Not doing enough testing

It is the biggest crime to leave bugs in your games and let users point them out. The last thing you would want is to receive a bad rating from the users just because your gaming app was not properly tested. Always do thorough testing of your game before releasing it out. In an ideal scenario, you can seek the external help of a professional tester who can test it with a fresh pair of eyes and a new outlook.

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