Wednesday, 24 May 2017

VFX Tools you must know of as an Animator

VFX plays an important role in providing animated effects to the entire gaming industry. Animation is so much of fun and imparts a completely innovative and unique type of outlook for any gaming enthusiast. To make the entire process automated, there are several different types of VFX tools that are used not only in the gaming industry but also in making movies, animated cartoons and videos. VFX or better known as visual effects, are essential to offer a holistic real time experience full of entertainment to the user. There are several VFX in animation courses that are being used to achieve this effect:


One of the most widely used and popular VFX tools that is of prime importance is the blender. This is used for all sorts of modelling tasks such as animation, modelling, shading, imaging and composition, rigging and real-time video creation. This is a free open source 3D suite which is compatible with all the major operating systems. It is a must know tool for all the developers because of its wide applicability. The fact that it costs nothing makes it the preferred choice of developers in the gaming industry.

3D Studio Max

This tool, which is employed in many Hollywood creations, TV commercials, video graphics, also witnesses high usage in the video gaming segment. This comes in two different categories that can meet the different requirement and visualization needs of multi-player games. Apart from this, it also offers rendering capabilities, lighting simulation, analysis technology, high speed data transmit and better interoperability. The output generated using this tool is exceptionally sharp and of high quality. The tool is approximately available for $3,495. 

Cinema 4D Studio

This is another top-quality animation software which offers high quality output perfect in look and feel. It is quite a user-friendly and intuitive tool that is used to create a wide range of character animation and advanced character rigs. This is also used to provide motion effects while playing a single or a multiplayer game. Due to its ease of usage, it is highly preferred in the world of gaming animators.

Autodesk Maya

This VFX is one of the best 3 D animation software available to impart 3 D effect to not only games but also for movies and video streaming. The images of 3D people, scenes, background and other objects can be easily created using this tool. Due to this, it provides a real-time effect to the gaming enthusiast. This tool provides a perfect blend of animation, modelling, visual graphics and colour effects. Once you can master the usage of this tool, you can leave an everlasting impact on the users.

Stop Motion pro

This tool is used to provide an animation effect to the stationary physical objects on its own. It is a special type of software that can be used to edit frames of objects to develop moving videos, movies, animations and add sound and light effects.

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