Friday, 25 July 2014

5 Reasons to Make the Jump to Unity 3D

For those of you in the know, MAGES Institute of Excellence remains the only Unity certified institute in Singapore. That in itself is not so much an achievement, but an endorsement and an acknowledgment by the school of Unity 3D’s impact as an editing tool and game engine. MAGES’ Game Design courses does have core programming modules, and the use of other engines such as Cocos 2D is also taught but there is no denying the increasing importance of Unity. So, what is the big deal about Unity? Here are five reasons why MAGES made the jump to Unity 3D, and why you should consider doing so as well.

1. It is simple to use. There are no distracting menus and keyboard commands to memorize, it is accompanied by a graphic representation of the functions that you enter and you can observe in real time if you are achieving your desired result. In short, the user experience is fantastic.

2. It simplifies development to a point where almost no programming skills are needed at all, allowing for everyone in the development team to be able to have direct input into the game, shortening the development time as there is less reliance on the programmers. In fact, 3D Development with Unity 3D has never been easier.

3. It is great for end users who simply need to install the Unity 3D plugin and insert the product URL onto their browsers. It is because of this accessibility that MNCs such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Disney, Microsoft and NASA have made the jump. So why shouldn’t we follow suit?

4. It is cheap. Relatively anyways. A flat fee of USD 1500 will get you a Pro licesnse—none of that Annual Fees to worry about. The best part, an unlimited number of users can access your environment, so long as your website servers can handle the load.

5. Assets, assets and more assets! The Unity Asset store is filled with both free and paid assets that you can use to create your own game/environment. Developers can use the free assets as placeholders, or buy paid environments and change the texture to make it their very own. Schools or organizations like MAGES can use the available assets for say, Game Level Design Courses, instead of making the school or the students create the assets themselves. This advantage is not only for Game Level Design Courses, but all non-art related courses who can use the time saved to better achieve lesson objectives.

So, ready to make the jump to Unity? Tell us what you think!

Also, do look out for our upcoming announcements. MAGES Institute of Excellence is planning on stopping by several countries to provide free student counselling as well as spot admissions for our diploma in animation, advanced diploma in animation and other related courses.

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