Saturday, 12 July 2014

Game Development Insights- What to Look Out For in a Game Development Education: Part II

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Last month, I wrote a little about Game Development Education and would like to continue where I left off. After having talked about education in Singapore, as well as the local job market, I’d like to go a little bit more in depth into certain specific courses that I’ve looked into, available in MAGES institute of Excellence, Singapore.

Game Development with Unity 3D

The Unity Engine has been increasingly popular with Game Developers. Most of this has to do with Unity enabling both designers and artists to have direct input into the development of the game. Of course there are cons that come with simplifying a process. Programmers who are already proficient with the computer languages have to learn how Unity function. In the bigger picture however, the Unity Engine has been known to shave off development timing by months—thus explaining why current studios are adopting it, and why educational institutes are integrating Game Development with Unity 3D into their modules and courses.

Visual Effects Courses

I’d also like to speak a little about game animation and specialization into disciplines of animation, in particular, the visual effects courses as I got the chance to learn a little about these courses.

Visual Effects, is in essence, the manipulation of imagery outside the context of a live shot. While it is not usually associated with video games, more and more triple A studios are utilizing this particular discipline of Animation. Institutions such as MAGES Institute of Excellence, who specialize in Animation, as well as in Videogame Development are well poised to provide guidance to students.

Examples of modules usually taught in visual effects courses are visual effects theory and practices, environment look development, particle effects & dynamics, motion graphics, digital composing and lighting and rigging.

Of course, as with any animation related discipline, it is important that there is an emphasis on developing your demo-reel, which is in essence your portfolio. Having someone to groom and polish your portfolio allows you to put your best foot forward when it comes to future employment.

That is what institutions like MAGES Institute of Excellence can offer you. Imagine having established industry professionals themselves tell you what it is that you need to show prospective employers to land yourself a job in the industry. It is beyond just a simple education, but a transfer of decades of industry experience… but then again why take my word for it. If you’re interested in an education for game Design or animation, come down, have a look at the campus and meet the faculty. You’ll understand what I’m talking about. Once again, if you have any questions, do leave them in the comments below!


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