Thursday, 3 July 2014

Animation Insights: What to Look Out For in an Animation Education

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Today I’d like to share a little bit about 3D Animation Courses in Singapore, and hopefully manage to shed some light when first starting off in the industry.

When we mention an education in animation, there are several things to look out for. First off, are you looking for a generalised education? Or are you looking at specialising into a field such as Character Game Design and Animation? The danger of picking up general 2D and 3DAnimation Courses in Singapore is that Animation in itself is largely wide scope. A general education is best fitted as an introduction for anyone looking into entering the world of Animation and is requiring a base.

The Diploma in Animation from MAGES is one such course, and its modules provide a solid foundation for aspiring animators to find their niche. However, it is up to them to go further and develop their chosen specialty in order to avoid the trappings of being known as a generalist. Some may opt to develop these skills on their own, which is fine, but for those who prefer a guiding hand to boost their future portfolio and career while they seek out specialisation, the Advanced Diploma in Animation at MAGES is a good bet. It offers specialisation into Visual Effects, 3D Modeling and character game design and animation.

However I’d like to emphasise that for an animator, or any skill-based industry for that matter, what matters is not the level of certificate that you have. Your transcripts provide a glimpse into the training you have received, but at the end of the day, what tells your story is your portfolio. It is what future employers will ask for, when they are seriously considering you for a position. As such, it is good when looking out for schools and institutions that understand the focus on employability after education. Look out for modules in their courses that focus on portfolio development.

Well, that is all the time that I have for today. If you do have any questions however, feel free to leave a message on the blog. Cheers everyone, and thanks for reading!

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