Friday, 27 March 2015

After Effects Plug-ins that Every Motion Graphics Designer Must Have

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Using plug-ins is an excellent way to add extra functionality to your motion graphics project on After Effects. Regardless of whether you are new at the Motion Graphics game in Singapore or you are a seasoned veteran, here is a list of plug-ins you want to make sure you use to take your skills up a notch –

·         Trap code Particular

This particle system plug-ins enables users to create customized particles such as rain, dust, smoke and clouds on After Effects. This particular plug-in is believed to have better functionality than the in-built feature on After Effects since it makes use of extremely realistic physics. This plug-in helps you create particle based lines, patterns and shapes in a 3D space with great ease.

·         Element 3D V.2

This popular plug-in enable user to upload and make use of 3D models on Adobe after Effects. If you aren't familiar with using modeling software such as Cinema 4D or Maya, this tool helps you easily import and edit 3D models in a quick and efficient manner. This tool works extremely fast and its latest version introduces new features such as lighting presets and ambient occlusion to your imported 3D models.

·         Plexus 2

This tool takes layers and helps break them up into objects that are smaller. With the .obj support this tool allows experts in Motion Graphics from Singapore to import models from most other 3D graphic programs and have them broken up in the 3D Space. These objects can act as forms or containers that can be used by Plexus. This tool allows you to create 3D connect dots design and bezier splines where you can adjust the lines in 3D space.

·         Optical Flare

Lens flares are an excellent route through which you can create visual interest in your scene. While there are a variety of lens flare generators to choose from, most designers swear by this one. This plug-in allows you to create custom flares which work on 3D spaces. These flares are designed to look very realistic and make use of a variety of effects that add to the realism. This tool also comes with a preset library.

In addition to this, plug-ins such as Newton 2, a 2D physics engine; Continuum Complete – a plug-in with hundreds of plug-in effects in one and Twitch, a tool that adds glitch effects to your motion design are extremely popular among designers.

Summary: This article discusses some of the most popular plug-ins you must invest in if you plan on working on a motion graphics project on After Effects.

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