Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Professional Concept Artist – Do you really want to live your Dreams?

‘To be an exceptionally able Concept Artist and a part of the entertainment industry’, is this the dream you have been chasing since you have heard about the subject for the first time? Concept art, when talking about this career option, it seems to be a cakewalk, but the reality is something different. No, no, it’s absolutely not a Herculean task either. However, the thing is that – it takes lots and lots of patience and passion for characters in the real sense to be a professional concept artist. Otherwise, although you will get started with it, you won’t be able to finish. This pattern is quite common with Concept Art, people give it a try, but ultimately give up. The reasons are - impatience and lack of enthusiasm. 

So, if you really think that you have that level of enthusiasm to learn and pursue concept art as your career, Concept Art Courses in Singapore universities can be good options, to begin with.

Concept Art Courses – What do they teach?

At an esteemed institution, you get to learn the following areas as a part of your curriculum:
  • Introductory classes on Photoshop and the related tools
  • Character(s) creation in form of thumbnails and silhouette
  • Introduction to creatures & human figures and their proportions
  • Fundamentals of color toning and its uses
  • Fundamentals of lighting effects
  • Basics of character animation and environment

Mastering the basics is very important

Just like any other subject, it is very important to master the basics of Concept Art in the first place. As the subject is all about art, you need to concentrate on its two main pillars – painting and drawing. Apart from these, one of the most crucial aspects of this subject is – controlling your hands. Until and unless, you will master your hand movements, you won’t be able to create characters and put life in them. Once you are quite accustomed to it, you can get started with exploring shapes and anatomy.

As far as anatomy is concerned, you have to master it properly. Understanding anatomy is something really tough that even professional and experienced artists struggle with and this is where most people give up. However, you shouldn’t! Once you have learnt enough about the basics, it’s the time to hone your skills. Here is how you can do that –
  • First of all, you have to understand your audience – who are they and what they want?
  • Secondly, you have to make sure to develop something that’s original – people always look for something unique!
  • Thirdly, you need to become a storyteller – audiences love stories.
  • And lastly, substantiate your creation – don’t forget sketching and designing a character are two different things. 

So, if you are passionate about characters, you should never let your passion fade away; rather, you should unleash the same and enroll yourself to an all-encompassing Concept Art Courses in Singapore.

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