Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hone the Skills of the Character Designer in You

Has character designing reinforced the emotional impact of a story? Is it possible to avoid stereotypic formula to develop real as well as memorable characters? Well, of course, it’s possible, provided you are skilled in 3D character designing. A 3D Character Design Course from a reputable and well-accredited university can help you create winning characters and become an important part of the entertainment industry. However, just qualification is not enough; you need to have the real skills and ideas for becoming a well-known character designer. 

Reading through this blog would help you know about some of the useful tips to create winning entries. Let’s read on!

Useful tips to 3D character designing

Know your audience
Who are your audiences?  Are they kids, professionals, housewives, NRIs or international people? Should you design humorous and vibrant or serious and monotonous characters? Once you have figured out the category your viewers belong to, it’s the time to read their minds. Younger audiences more likely to prefer different shades of bright colors and simple shapes, whereas the matured ones are capable of processing complex visual stimulations. So, put yourself in the shoes of your viewers before getting started with character designing.

Understand how and where your character would be used
‘Still images’, is that all you need or your characters need to be moving? In which format you want the animation to be, 3D or 2D or both? You have to decide all these things before you start designing. That’s because different formats need different ideas and tools for execution and you have to work accordingly. You cannot design a character for 2D and run it in 3D and if you want your character to run perfectly on multiple formats, you have to plan accordingly.

Pinky, Pinky water, what color do you choose?
Does it remind you one of your favorite childhood games? What color do you choose; greatly impacts character designing, as well. That’s because color can express the hidden messages effortlessly. For example – warm and bright shades of color indicate happiness and all the positive feelings, whereas dark shades suggest sadness, gloominess, and melancholy.  So, be wise when making color choices.

Research you characters well
Yes, you should have a good understanding of your characters, how do they look and all. It is equally important for both human figures as well as animals. Dear wannabe 3D character designer, your audiences know how animals and human beings look like, presenting them with incorrect figurines can bring hard luck to you. So, research really hard. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips for creating winning entries, you get to learn a lot more by enrolling yourself to a 3D Character Design Course. So, don’t delay and let the designer in you to take its flight of creative imagination.

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